Andy Reid says the Kansas City Chiefs will welcome back Tyreek Hill when full-squad training camp begins on Saturday.

The Chiefs suspended Hill from their offseason program, including all practices, after a Kansas City television station released audio of Hill and his fiancée, who accused Hill of abusing their son in April. Hill had been under investigation by the Johnson County (Kansas) District Attorney's Office for allegations of child abuse, but the prosecutor indicated in April that Hill would not be charged.

The NFL announced Friday that Hill would not be suspended.

"We're comfortable with Tyreek coming back here and we look forward to bringing him back here and having an opportunity to get back to doing what he loves to do,'' Reid said. "We have the trust in Tyreek and we're going to go forward in a positive way.

"I've had a chance to talk to him, on the phone, in person. I spent quite a bit of time with him, actually. He's remorseful that he's had to put all of us through what we went through and he had to go through. That's a sensitive situation. He wants to get back and he wants to do what he needs to do to be a father and to be a player here. He's very conscious of that."