The New York Jets went 4-12 in Sam Darnold's first professional season, leading to the dismissal of head coach Todd Bowles and a number of roster changes.

The Jets brought in Le'Veon Bell, C.J. Mosley, Jamison Crowder, Adam Gase and Joe Douglas to help turn things around.

Darnold believes the result will be "a lot more wins" and that it is "absolutely realistic" to think about winning the division.

"I don't want to speak too soon on that," Darnold said. "I think it just kind of depends on how the season goes and all that. When you start the season, it's Super Bowl-or-bust, every team has the same goal, so in that regard, yes. But there's definitely stepping stones that you have to make up become a great team and kind of build that culture that I've been talking about. So I guess we'll kind of see when the season kind of dwindles down here."