Golden Tate has played 10 NFL seasons and says Matthew Stafford is the best quarterback he's caught passes from.

Tate has played with the Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions and Philadelphia Eagles.

"To me, as of now, where I am today, I think Stafford's been the best quarterback I've played with," Tate said. "The guy can flat-out play. He's tough, his attitude is amazing and he just wants to play ball. For me, I have nothing but praises for him. It's almost unfair that he's such a good player and doesn't have playoffs or a ring to show for it. That kind of hurts my heart that I wasn't able to help change that."

Tate won a Super Bowl with Russell Wilson during his time with the Seahawks.

"I think over his career, if you put him in another organization, maybe things are different. I don't know. Because I've played with some guys over my years that I've won playoff games with that I don't think are as good," Tate said.