Glover Quin has decided to retire from the NFL after 10 seasons with the Detroit Lions and Houston Texans.

The 33-year-old started the final 148 games of his career and started 156 of 159 games in total.

He notched 737 tackles with 24 interceptions, 85 passes defended, 10 forced fumbles, four sacks and two defensive touchdowns in his decade in the league.

"Playing professional sports was always a dream of mine. Football was the route I chose and God blessed me to be able to persevere through all the hardships and play 10 years in the NFL," Quin wrote in a text message to ESPN. "I'm so thankful for the opportunity I had to play in the NFL with such great players and two great organizations.

"Football was never who I was as a person. It was always what I had done. I wanted to use football as a stepping stone into the rest of my life and not let football be my life. I always only wanted to play 10 years. Said if I was able to walk off the field after the last game in Year 10, it would be really hard for me to walk back on. I'm young, I'm healthy and I got a lot of life to live. So I'm walking away from the game of football."