The Westgate Las Vegas Sportsbook will lose more than $100,000 on its MVP betting for the 2019 season if Mitch Trubisky ends up winning it.

Enough bets came in on Trubisky's behalf to shift the odds from 200-1 to 50-1.

"It was right from the get-go there was a lot of interest in Trubisky at 200-1," Jay Kornegay said. "That has really continued to a point where he is by far our biggest liability to win the MVP. When you're giving out 200-1 odds, it doesn't take much to create the liability. As it rolls in and you're accumulating hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars at 200-1, next thing you know you have a mid-six-figure liability attached to Trubisky. And that's the last thing I want to do is lose six figures on the NFL MVP."