While he doesn't know exactly how, Peyton Manning says he wants to "stay connected" to the NFL in any way he can.

Manning passed on a chance to work in the Monday Night Football booth.

He says working in a front office isn't something on his radar right now either.

"I can't speak too far into the future. I guess in a way I am [working in the league]. I'm doing this little thing for the NFL for the 100th year, I went from Columbus yesterday to Ada, Ohio, for Wilson, where they make the footballs. ... I went and kind of learned how to make a football, looking for a job. And I failed miserably. And I'm going to Chicago next week. ... I have enjoyed that. ... I have enjoyed staying connected with it in this way.

"I still stay connected, I just can't ... look into a glass and say what I'm going to be wanting to do next year or five years from now," Manning added. "I know I do want to stay close to it, stay connected to it."