The Buffalo Bills have announced some new policies in an effort to fix some of the unruly behavior at their stadium tailgates.

Fans that arrive on buses and want to tailgate will now be required to purchase a package along with their parking pass. The team is creating a "Tailgate Village" which will charge a 20-person vehicle $300, a 40-person vehicle $500, and $900 for 60 people.

The "Tailgate Village" provides each group of fans with a tent, tables and chairs.

"Our No. 1 concern as an organization is fan safety," Andy Major, the team's vice president of operations and guest experience, said. "When you're seeing what was happening in the bus lot the last couple seasons, especially last year, it gets very concerning.

"It's dangerous behavior, not just negative fan behavior. It's dangerous to security, the sheriffs and staff who are trying to police things."