Jack Del Rio spoke about the Oakland Raiders' decision to trade Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears before the start of the 2018 season.

Del Rio coached Mack from 2015 until 2017.

“I think Khalil Mack is a future Hall of Fame player,” Del Rio said Monday on NFL Network. “To me, when you have that talented of a player, you keep those guys. They chose to. . . .They didn’t think they could pay him, didn’t think they’d get a deal done, so they got value and draft picks. They certainly got good value, I think, from what they were able to get from the Bears. Now, it’s incumbent on Mike Mayock to turn that draft capital into something really good that can play and get after the quarterback. So we’ll find out. The draft is coming up. We’re going to find out if they can parlay those picks into something special. They clearly decided not to pay one of the great human beings and great football players that I’ve ever coached.”