Jay Glazer predicted in mid-February that the New York Giants would trade Odell Beckham Jr. this offseason.

Glazer received criticism from some on the prediction as the Giants were posturing publicly that they wouldn't trade Beckham.

Glazer explained his reasoning on the prediction.

"I knew things were heating up but I also knew the Giants’ asking price was way too high," wrote Glazer. "There were teams that were interested that were asking me, 'Are you sure they’re motivated to do this, are they really or are they just expecting one of us to do something crazy for him?'

"The Giants were trying to act like they needed to be blown away with something and it seemed to me that they had a plan to take the best available offer by a certain date or time. If they waited, would they have gotten more? I don’t know. I know their asking price at first was pretty outlandish."

The Giants traded Beckham to the Cleveland Browns at the start of the NFL's new league year.