Chris Boswell had a rough 2018 season and he'll have to compete to be the kicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers next season.

Boswell missed seven kicks and converted just 65% of his field goal attempts.

"The drop-off with Chris Boswell was surprising, disappointing and this is something that Chris shares with us like we share with him," Kevin Colbert said. "We believe that Chris Boswell has the ability to do better than he did, he has already proven that. He set a standard for himself in 2017, as a Pro Bowl player and last year statistically he was one of the worst kickers and that's a huge drop-off."

The Steelers have a bigger decision to make in regards to trading Antonio Brown, but the kicking situation remains fluid.

"As a young player we also believe that he can find his way out of that and we will support him in that attempt," Colbert said. "Does that mean that he won't have competition? Absolutely not. We signed a kid, Matt McCrane, when we put Boswell on reserve/injured and Matt did a nice job in that Cincinnati game kicking the field goals that helped us win that game. Could we add another young player into that mix? Sure. There will be competition for 'Bos.'"