There was a lot of trade speculation surrounding Odell Beckham, Jr. last offseason and the New England Patriots reportedly pursued him most aggressively during the offseason.

"This is something that I found out, you know, through the course of the season. I don't think that everybody realizes -- and I didn't realize this -- how close Odell Beckham Jr. was to being traded last year," Simms said. "I mean, it was really close ... But here's the big thing that I found out towards the end of the year, really, more than anything with Odell Beckham Jr.: The Giants were going to trade him, and I think they were really looking and listening to all offers. You know what really stopped it? And I think this is going to shock people. 

"This is from everything I know with multiple sources, the thing that stopped the trade conversation with Odell Beckham Jr. is because the team that was most aggressive in pursuing him was the New England Patriots. The New England Patriots were trying to get Odell Beckham Jr. all last offseason. And I think the Giants got cold feet and said, 'Wait ... New England wants him? Uh-oh, maybe he's better than we thought. Maybe we should just keep him on our own instead of it being thrown in our face and him going to win a Super Bowl with the Pats.'"

The Giants ended up keeping Beckham, signing him to an extension, and his relationship with the franchise appears better.