Michael Vick was supposed to be the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Legends, but he's instead taking on a role in the league's administrative body.

"It was an unusual set of circumstances in that Mike had accepted a role with Brad Childress early on as an offensive coach, as an offensive coordinator," Jeff Fisher, the AAF's head of football strategy, said. "And then with Brad's sudden departure, things, they kind of just, they got hard. I can't thank the Atlanta franchise enough for pulling through the hard times.

"But circling back to Mike, his role is going to change. You can appreciate the difficulty from a place he was put into. His role is going to change and we spoke to Mike over the past couple days and he's going to move over and assume a league role along with Hines Ward in player development. That's the best place for him."

Vick will now work with player development and player welfare. He will remain in an "off-the-field" role in Atlanta, but he won't be coaching this season for the Legends.