Todd Gurley had just 11 touches for 34 total yards in the Los Angeles Rams' loss to the New England Patriots in Super  Bowl LIII.

Gurley is the highest-paid running back in the NFL.

"It's cool, man," he said after the game. "It's a team sport. There's 11 people on the field. Everyone can't touch the ball."

He was limited to five touches for 13 total yards in the NFC Championship Game.

"There was some different situations, you could always look back, certainly that is going to be something I'm sure I'll say, 'I wish I could have got him more involved,'" Sean McVay said. "The film is always a good chance to go back and look at it and I know there is a handful of decisions that I'm going to want back for sure."

Gurley was sidelined for the final two games of the regular season because of inflammation in his left knee.