The Atlanta Falcons have made changes to their offensive staff yet again, but Matt Ryan is welcoming the new voices.

Dirk Koetter is back as the team's offensive coordinator. He held the position from 2012-14.

Ryan said on 680 The Fan that it is “hard” to see Steve Sarkisian leave the team, but that feeling is tempered by positive feelings about Koetter’s return to Atlanta.

“I’m excited to work with Dirk Koetter again, it felt like my time spent with him early in my career was really productive,” Ryan said. “I’ve learned a lot since then, and I think we both can be better as we move forward. But, it’s one of the parts of the job that sucks, for sure. Letting people go and having new people come in and turnover, but it’s a part of this business and you have to deal with it.”