Richard Sherman, who turned 30 in March, says he's open to moving to safety before the end of his career.

"I think 35 is probably my cutoff," Sherman said. "They'd have a hard time getting me out of the bed at 35 to go play, so I think I've got about four or five more [seasons] in me. At some point, everybody makes the transition to safety and if you're smart enough to play that game and I'll probably do that in a couple of years or whenever the team needs."

While he isn't ready to move from cornerback just yet, Sherman has already begun looking into what a move to safety might entail and what might appeal to him about it.

"At corner, I've had games where I haven't got a look, thrown at, and at safety you can see exactly where the ball goes and you can make an impact," Sherman said. "You can get in on every tackle just about because you're in the center of everything, kind of like the Mike [linebacker]. But it's something I'm definitely going to consider later in my career and hopefully I'll be just as good there."