Demaryius Thomas ripped the Denver Broncos, who traded him to the Houston Texans last week.

The receiver claims he was misled by the team about the possibility of a trade, was asked to surrender playing time in favor of rookie wide receivers and that it was "heartbreaking" he was not a team captain.

"Monday before [the trade] Vance Joseph walked up to me and he said, 'Don't listen to the trade talk; it's not true,'" he said. "... When he said that to me, I said, 'How is that not true? My agent called me today and said Elway wanted a fifth-round pick for me.' So, are we telling stories to each other now? I thought we were going to men about this."

Thomas added: "I knew something was going to happen."

He also called it "honor from Day 1 to yesterday" to play in Denver and that "I love everybody and always will. I love the city still and I'm always going to love the city because that's where it began."