Russell Wilson, DeMarcus Lawrence, Cam Newton, Jadeveon Clowney and Dak Prescott could be the next NFL players to sign contracts worth more than $100 million.

Wilson is currently on a four-year, $87.6 million deal that expires in 2020.

"He's got everything you want in a franchise quarterback except ideal height," one personnel man said of Wilson. "He's smart, super competitive, a great leader, athletic, strong and can read the field and make every throw. He's a straight-up playmaker, and he makes everyone around him better. He's a top-five quarterback in my opinion."

Lawrence is on a one-year, $17.1 million deal and is one of the NFL's best pass rushers.

Newton is ona  five-year, $103.8 million deal that expires in 2021. Newton is due more than $34 million in his final two seasons and would likely be interested in talks about a new deal, one that would likely come close to paying him that on a per-year basis.