Andrew Luck reported no issues after taking the field for the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday night for the first time in 585 days.

Luck led the Colts on a pair of scoring drives that ended with field goals against the Seattle Seahawks. He was hit twice during his stint.

"It was a little bit of the pressure was off, in a sense, and I really had fun," Luck said. "I really enjoyed it. I didn't quite know if I would have this much again playing football."

He hadn't played since Week 17 of the 2016 season.

"The first play is always a little nerve-wracking in any game, in a sense, but especially this one," Luck said. "After that it sort of slowed down and the rhythm, the flow of a huddle, calling a play, knowing where the play clocks are, getting to the line of scrimmage, showing what your queues are, that operations that takes over. For lack of better word, it felt natural."