Aaron Rodgers, who turns 35 in December, hopes to play with the Green Bay Packers through his 40th birthday.

"I'd love to play to 40," Rodgers told Peter King. "I just think that number means a lot. Obviously, Tom [Brady] is kind of rewriting the book. Brett [Favre] had a good season when he turned 40. My goal is be able to move like I do or close to how I do and still be able to do that at 40 ... just because nobody's been able to do that and still move around the same. Steve Young's career was cut short in his late thirties. John [Elway], the same-he didn't really move the same as when he was younger. So to be able to move the same way at 38, 39, 40 would be cool. That's my aim."

Rodgers has two years left on his contract and the Packers have the leverage of two franchise tag years.