Leonard Fournette expects to report to training camp with the Jacksonville Jaguars at 224 pounds, 11 pounds lighter than his playing weight as a rookie.

"I feel like I play my best at that weight – 223, 224 – that's what I played in college," Fournette said. "Why not? I don't want to be average. I want to be above average, be the greatest one to play this game. I feel lighter, quicker and I have a lot of my burst."

The Jaguars led the NFL in rushing in 2017 and were the fifth highest scoring team (26.1). Fournette rushed for 1,040 yards with nine touchdowns and caught 36 passes for 302 yards.

However, Fournette averaged 3.9 yards per carry. In the postseason, that average dropped to 3.5 yards.

"At the end of the day, it's not about me and not about yards per carry," Fournette said. "It's about the wins and losses."

Fournette got in better shape in the hopes of avoiding injuries this upcoming season.

"Leonard is a playmaker, so we're trying to get him on the field as much as we can and keep pushing him over to third down and things of that nature," Doug Marrone said. "He showed great growth in his first year from that because that's usually the toughest thing. In the NFL week-to-week, each team has their own little unique package that you really have to study and try to get a bead on to be able to [have] pass protection pick-up. I really saw him at the end of the year do a great job of that. You want to see that again now."