Bill Belichick brought in Kobe Bryant to speak to the New England Patriots just after Memorial Day.

Bryant spoke to the Patriots about the importance of training, studying other players and his ability to play for two decades in the NBA.

Several Patriots quickly made the connection between Bryant and Tom Brady.

“A hundred percent,” said fifth-year safety Duron Harmon. “When he was telling us about his training regimen, how he approached a day, a light bulb went off in my head: That’s Tom. You realize it’s no coincidence. That’s the reason why Kobe Bryant is Kobe Bryant. That’s the reason why Tom Brady is Tom Brady. [Brady’s] approach to the game, it’s totally different than the majority of the NFL, probably 99% of the NFL. And that’s why they have the success they have.”

Belichick's methods have been questioned over the past few months and bringing in Bryant was likely an attempt to show an example of a similarly dedicated competitor from another sport.