The Seattle Seahawks have undergone a roster overhaul and Pete Carroll is embracing the competition that comes along with that.

"I'm not saying I'm not more challenged this year than some other years," Carroll said. "But I always feel like, 'Man, this is my whole deal, to try to figure out how to recapture that.'"

All the change has led to a renewed feel in Seattle, one that reminds Carroll of that 2012 squad.

"It does feel like that," Carroll said. "There was a time when our star players weren't star players yet, they were just coming up, and it was exciting to see that emergence. That's what we're counting on in the next year, seeing these guys start to come to prominence and make a spot for themselves. I'm not even concerned about it. I just want to see what the timeline is. I hope it happens now. I want to see it happen right away."