The Green Bay Packers didn't add a linebacker in free agency and only used the 248th draft pick on the position.

Clay Matthews believes the team has depth issues.

"Well, I wasn't surprised with the first two picks; I'll go ahead and say that," Matthews said of the Packers taking cornerbacks with their top two draft selections.

"But obviously, you look at the depth at the outside-linebacker position, and it's not that great. That's not a slight to the guys who are behind Nick and myself, but you look around the league, a lot of times they're rotating in pass-rushers. You can look a couple years ago when we had Mike Neal and Julius [Peppers] here, Datone [Jones] as well. We had a pretty good rotation. Sometimes I'm sure it doesn't work out the way in which [the front office wants], and obviously they only get so many picks and only have so much cap money to spend."

Green Bay ranked 17th in the league with 37 sacks last season.