Myles Garrett is healthier and stronger than he was last year, which he believes will allow him to have more of an impact on the Cleveland Browns.

"I wanted to get in better condition, so I can be out there and make plays, create turnovers," Garrett said.

Garrett missed the first four games of the season with a high-ankle sprain. He also missed one game with a concussion. According to Pro Football Reference, he played 518 of 1,068 snaps (48.5 percent) last season. Ten of his Cleveland teammates played more snaps.

"Being healthy this year, it’s really about my confidence," Garrett said. "Being able to be more mobile, not have anything hold me back, it's helped me, not only bring me confidence, but bring my teammates confidence knowing that I'm always going to be out there, always going to be working and there’s not going to be any hindrances for this year."