The Seattle Seahawks are undergoing a significant reset this offseason and John Schneider is asking their fans for patience.

"It's a constant reset every single year, it doesn't stop," Schneider told ESPN 710 AM in Seattle on Friday. "When I say 'reset' people are like, 'Well it's a rebuild.' We're not rebuilding; it's just a reset."

The Seahawks were 9-7 last season but missed out on the playoffs for the first time since Russell Wilson was drafted in 2012.

"We've got some pretty good players on this football team," Schneider said. "And there's a lot of young players that people don't necessarily -- they haven't heard their names yet ... Tedric Thompson was one of our best special teams players this last year. He didn't get to play much at strong safety. Kam was one of our best special teams players the first year he played. He didn't get to play strong safety because Lawyer [Milloy] was here. Trust the process, man."