Brandon Graham, who is under contract for one more year, is still waiting for a new deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Both Graham and Howie Roseman both expressed a desire to work out a new deal in the wake of the team's Super Bowl victory. The Eagles drafted Graham in the first round back in 2010.

"Brandon is a hugely valuable part of our team," Roseman said this week. "Obviously, he's in the last year of his deal and he's one of the most productive players at his position. He deserves whatever he can get. At the same time, we have a cap and we're trying to fit everyone in. We're trying to fit as many good players.

"We went through this yesterday -- we have a lot of players who are under contract, not only for 2018, 2019, but when we get into the 2020s, and they're good players. We want to keep as many of them around as possible and add players on top of it. That's a challenge, that's a puzzle that we're trying to figure out. But it's a good problem to have."

The Eagles currently have about $5 million in cap space and may have to get creative if they are going to add years and money to what remains on Graham's contract.