The New York Giants are seeking at least first round picks in exchange for Odell Beckham Jr. The Giants insist, however, they are not shopping Beckham in trade talks.

There have been reports that Beckham would not play this season without an extension, while another report indicated the Rams were pursuing a trade for him.

"Neither Odell nor his agent have contacted us regarding either report," Gettleman said Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings. "So to be clear: I'm not going to respond to questions about either report, and as I stated earlier, every decision I make is going to be in the best interest of the New York football Giants."

While there have been some off-field issues with Beckham, he has been widely considered a good teammate and a hard worker.

"The kid works his fanny off," Dave Gettleman said. "His [ankle] rehab is going terrific. He sends us pictures, sends us a video about him running. He's an excellent worker."