John Schneider has attempted to refute the notion that the Seahawks are rebuilding this offseason.

The Seahawks have parted ways this offseason with Michael Bennett, Jimmy Graham, Richard Sherman, Sheldon Richardson and Paul Richardson. The Seahawks could also part with Earl Thomas.

"It's just always very, very hard to make those decisions to move on from people, but that's what we have to do in order to be a consistent championship-caliber football team," Schneider said, according to The Seattle Times. "We don't want to be having these major rebuilding years. We want to be able to have little resets, if you will."

When asked if the Seahawks are rebuilding, Schneider said, "No, no," then mentioned four of the Pro Bowl players who remain on Seattle's roster: middle linebacker Bobby Wagner, left tackle Duane Brown, wide receiver Doug Baldwin and quarterback Russell Wilson.

"There's a pretty cool group of guys, and I'm leaving guys out, I know," Schneider said. "It's not like 2010, when we felt like we had to make these sweeping changes. We've been here since 2010, and it feels like we've just constantly been doing this every single year. It's not like we have this, 'OK, season's over, now we're going to do A, B and C.' We're working all the way through the year."