Wells Fargo Asset Management’s Analytic Investors LLC, the Los Angeles-based quant shop that’s beaten the point spread in 10 of the last 14 Super Bowls, advises gamblers to take the New England Patriots over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Analytic Investors applies its predictive quant models to the game and it shows that the Patriots will beat the Eagles by at least five points, since the point spread on the game is 4 1/2 points. 

“I know it’ll tick off a few of my Philly fan friends,” said Chris Lardieri, one of the study’s authors. “But the numbers don’t lie.”

Analytic predicted last season that the Falcons would beat the Patriots, which looked like a good forecast when the score was 28-3.

“The Falcons just had to run the clock out,” Lardieri said.“You can’t account for human error and questionable decisions.”