The Seattle Seahawks have seen changes to their coaching staff this month, but Doug Baldwin has made it clear he feels the players were more at fault for this season's failures.

The Seahawks fired offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and offensive line coach Tom Cable on Wednesday.

"They were great human beings in the time that I got to know them. They were great people," Baldwin said of the coaches. "I really enjoyed my time with them and got to know them as human beings, as men, and they really helped me, myself, and Russell Wilson obviously in our development, so they're part of that, as well. You take a third-round quarterback who a lot in the media said was too short to play the position, a receiver who they said was too short to play the position -- undrafted, at that -- and we went out there and played some spectacular football for a stretch.

"So I give a lot of credit to Darrell Bevell and to Tom Cable for their work, their development of players that they had that was available to them. They did an extraordinary job, and I do think as Bevell was our offensive coordinator, we broke every record that the Seahawks had offensively, so there's a lot to be said for that."

After a down season for the Seahawks, Baldwin wants to see the players recommit themselves.

"There’s a lot of things, but I think it all trickles down from us as building our culture and our environment in the locker room and in this building, obviously, this facility,” he said. “It starts with the top. [Coach Pete Carroll] has done a tremendous job in the past of preaching his philosophy and what he wants in the culture and the environment, and us as players, we’ve just got to go back to that, we’ve got to go back to the basics and really buy in again, because the formula is there; obviously, it’s there. We’ve been a very successful team the past six years, the past seven years. We’ve been to the playoffs consecutively, so the formula is still there. It’s just going back to the basics.

“I know a lot of people want to blow this up, make it bigger than what it is, but we’re not going to panic as players. We know the formula, we know what we have ahead of us, and we’re just going to go out there and do it.”