After studying film over the past two weeks leading up to their first playoff game, the Philadelphia Eagles have asked Nick Foles to be more aggressive with the football.

Doug Pederson doesn't blame Foles' recent downturn to a confidence issue. But there is a hesitation issue. The quarterback has been deliberate post-snap, like someone who isn't trusting what he sees.

"I think having this time to self-scout ... you realize, 'Hey, just go out there and play.' Maybe I wasn't doing that as much those games. It's just as simple as that," Foles said. "Sometimes the hardest things are just the simple things, like basically get out of your own head and go play the game you know how to play."

Foles hadn't played meaningful snaps in more than a year, when he was called on to replace Wentz in mid-December.

"It takes time for quarterbacks to get into a rhythm," said right tackle Lane Johnson. "Nick, this is, what, his fourth game? So we had a good week of practices last week and this week, too. I'm sure he'll find his rhythm."