Andrew Luck addressed the media after spending the past six weeks working with a trainer in the Netherlands.

Luck underwent right shoulder surgery last January and went to Europe after the Colts gave him a cortisone shot. Luck missed the entire 2017 season.

"My gut and my feeling tells me that I do not need another surgery," Luck said Friday. "I think I need to work more and to stay on this straight and narrow, if you will. I don't want to sound like throwing is the test. I'm doing well, and I will continue to do well. That's how I feel today."

Luck said he did not receive any injections in his shoulder while in the Netherlands. It was strictly "rehab, strength training, soft-tissue work" with a trainer whom he has worked with in the past and one the Colts approve of.

Luck looked and talked like a person who's mentally drained from the entire injury process. 

"I've never entertained the thoughts that this is [career-ending]," Luck said. "Sure, it's crossed my mind. But I don't think that at all, at all."