Adrian Peterson is 32 and has rushed just 27 times for 81 yards this season but he wants to play for several more seasons.

"I have so much left," Peterson said. "I look to play at least four or five more years, god willing. I have a lot left in the tank. Stay tuned. You guys will be able to see that firsthand."

Peterson has heard discussions that he's no longer the type of running back that can carry an offense.

"Do I still got it?" Peterson responded to a question. "Well I don't think it's that mentality, 'do I still got it,' but that's all you hear from the media...'oh he lost it' this that and the other. So, of course, in my mind was like, OK, I know that's not the case. When I go out there I'm always putting my best foot forward and I feel like it will speak for itself."