The Philadelphia Eagles are believed to be one of about 12 teams relaying analytical information to coaches during the game.

The Eagles went for it on fourth-and-8 late in the first half against the New York Giants in Week 3.

"Yeah, it was something I discussed with the guy that's helping me upstairs with some of the analytics," Pederson said.

Coaching assistant/linebackers coach Ryan Paganetti, a Dartmouth grad with a degree in Economics who spent two years as an analyst for the team works in this capacity for the Eagles on game day, as does director of football compliance Jon Ferrari

Said offensive coordinator Frank Reich: "After [Pederson has] made the third-down call the phones can be silent for a few seconds, and one of the guys might chime in and say, 'Hey coach, if this ends up short fourth-and-2,' -- I'm using fake terminology -- 'it's green, go for it. The charts say go for it.' Or, 'Hey, if it's anything less than fourth-and-3, we're good. Other than that, it's your call, Coach.' Or, 'Anything more than fourth-and-10, no.'

"The analogy I think of is kind of like a stoplight. There's green, there's yellow and there's red, and then there's shades of green, there's shades of yellow and then there's shades of red. So some of them are, 'Hey, it's green'; 'yellow, proceed with caution,' -- and that's how it operates."