When Amazon debuts its streaming coverage of the NFL on Sept. 28th, they will have four different feeds of the game.

Games will be available in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and a secondary English feed.

“One of the things that I think makes Amazon unique among the different OTT video players is the fact that we truly are a global service. This is a global deal for us,” said Jim DeLorenzo, who is head of sports for Amazon Video Channels. “That really dovetails well with some of the NFL’s goals to try and increase the popularity of the NFL globally. All U.S. leagues are trying to increase their international footprint. We have the same incentives on our side, trying to make sure that we’re presenting this in the best way possible for our customers.”

The secondary English feed will be for people who live in English-speaking countries and don't follow the NFL.

“The goal for us is that we’re trying to present the best experience for our customers, and we think this will be great for our customers who are outside of the United States,” DeLorenzo said. “You want to make it feel like it’s not something that’s an add-on, but it’s actually designed for people who speak Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish. That’s one of the ways that we’re approaching that.”

Amazon will stream 11 games this season.