After one of the best rookie seasons in NFL history, Dak Prescott is ready for the Dallas Cowboys to remove any offensive limitations.

"I don't want any limitations. I want it all," Prescott said. "I want them to give me everything, give me the whole offense, ask me to do more, challenge me. I think I do better when they challenge [me], they expect more [of me]. From reads to more, I guess you could say complicated plays or reads or whatever it is, I want them to throw it all at me."

Prescott entered training camp last year as No. 3 on the Cowboys' depth chart, but jumped up due to injuries.

"I think the pressure I put on myself and the expectations I have for myself are higher than what anybody else can put on me. I don't really sense pressure from my coaches, my teammates, the organization or fans. I put a lot on myself. So I just worry about that. I worry about what I can control, what I can get better at to help this team and organization," he added.