Odell Beckham Jr. flip-flopped on questions about whether his absence from OTAs with the New York Giants were related to his contract status.

Beckham's contract was part of the reason he remained away from the Giants workouts over the past three weeks, according to Adam Schefter. Beckham is set to make $1.8 million this season.

"You probably have to ask the people who do the contracts," Beckham said when asked the first time whether the contract factored into his decision to skip OTAs. "I wouldn't be able to tell you."

When asked later in the 11:30 interview session with reporters, his first since the season ended in January with a dud in Green Bay, about whether he wanted a new deal before his fourth season, Beckham again deferred to others.

"I couldn't really tell you. Like I said, when the time comes ... Any contract question is not for me to discuss," he said. "I haven't really talked to anyone about contracts. So it's not something that has been in the air. It was kind of something that was brought up amongst other people. It was never really in my discussion. Take it a day at a time and when it comes it will come."

When pressed a third time at the end of the interview whether Beckham missed OTAs to prove a point, his answer was markedly different.

"No," he said. "I was just out in Los Angeles training. I've seen the whole holdout stuff and I've never really seen it work so it was never in my mind that I'm not going to go to OTAs to get a new contract. I don't think that really proves a point in my opinion. I was out there really taking time for myself to reflect on life and value what is really, really important. And like I said to grow and mature in life. You should be growing each and every year, each and every day."