Scot McCloughan is running a scouting service that is being used by multiple NFL teams.

McCloughan was fired as general manager of Washington this offseason.

"As a matter of fact, Scott Campbell the other day, the team's director of college scouting, said McCloughan's influence is on their board as it's formulated right now," Garofalo said. "Now they've added some things since he's left, they've done their own work on that. But this process began before McCloughan left as a general manager, so his influence for sure is on that board. Let me add another wrinkle to this: Bruce Allen, the team president, said at the league meetings last month that McCloughan was free to work for other teams.

"He has done just that. He had a scouting service before he became the general manager of (Washington), and according to sources, he is back running that scouting service and has advised NFL teams on his thoughts on the draft prospects eligible for the draft this year. Now he's not giving up (Washington) information, he's only giving up his own evaluations. He is free to do that. So not only will he have an influence on Washington's draft, but also the drafts of a few other teams in this draft this year."