While the Los Angeles Chargers are thrilled with Philip Rivers, they won't rule out drafting his potential successor in this spring's NFL Draft.

"We're very happy with Philip Rivers, and I think he's got a number of good years left in him," Tom Telesco told the NFL Network. "We can win with Philip, and we're happy with him. But since I've arrived here, we've always done a lot of work on the quarterbacks. You just have to.

"Even though we have our franchise quarterback, we always have to be looking toward the future. It's work we've done every year. We'll do work on all the quarterbacks. You never say never. You just never know in this business. You have to be prepared in this business, whether you're picking at No. 7 or if we trade back, it's just hard to tell right now. We will scout every position like we don'€™t have someone there, and we'€™ll make determinations draft day on what we end up doing. But right now we'€™re very happy with Philip. He'€™s the leader of this football team, and we feel like we can win with him."