Ricky Williams badly wanted to sign with the Detroit Lions back in 2011 when he eventually landed with the Baltimore Ravens.

Williams had worked with Scott Linehan when the latter was the offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins in 2005. When Linehan moved onto the Lions, Williams wanted to follow him.

"It's very true. I wanted to sign with the Lions, but my agent went behind my back and agreed with the Ravens. That kind of put me in a tough spot," the running back said. "I loved (Linehan's) offense, and had tremendous success.

"I was heartbroken."

Drew Rosenhaus had more contacts with the Ravens, leading to the back-door deal that he eventually sold Williams on.

"And the Lions ended up going to the playoffs that year," Williams said. "My being a veteran, my leadership and my understanding of the offense, I would've been a great addition."