While speaking about the NFL combine, Dan Quinn said that he foresees Julio Jones getting more attention in the red zone next season.

The Falcons were very efficient on offense in 2016, but some minor tweaks may be made.

"Certainly, when players have unique stuff, they sometimes get a lot of attention, and the red zone is one of those ways," Quinn said of Jones. "As long as the production is where we'd like it to be. Every play that's going to Julio is generally a pretty good play, in my opinion."

"But when there's opportunities based on the coverage going a certain way for other guys who are singled to get open, I'm comfortable with that, too. As we go through the offseason, for sure, that's going to be a spot to say, 'Can he become even more involved in what we do?' Fortunately for us, we've got some weapons at a number of different spots: at tight end, running back, the other spots at receivers (who can) attack."

Jones received 11 red zone targets last season, according to NFL Savant. 77 players received more looks in the red zone.