The Dallas Cowboys have not ruled out bringing back Tony Romo next season.

Jones and Romo have had one extended visit since the end of the season.

Romo currently has a cap hit of $24.7 million for 2017. Releasing Romo would save the Cowboys $5.1 million but cost them nearly $20 million in dead money.

“I do not know how, what we will end up with – whether it will be a trade, whether it will be a release, whether it will be neither. I do not know at this time,” Jones said Saturday from the NFL Scouting Combine. “All scenarios have been well-considered and thought out. Now we’ve just got to see where the reality us.”

Jones said he met with Romo right before the Super Bowl and “every scenario was covered as far as I was concerned.”

The Cowboys could attempt to trade him, but Jones said “there has been absolutely no visits with any third parties” regarding his potential availability.