The Minnesota Vikings have not talked to Adrian Peterson about his $18 million option for the 2017 season.

Peterson, who turns 32 on March 21, has a team option that would also trigger a $6 million bonus if he's on the roster by the third day of the league year.

"Adrian Peterson has a significant contract coming up. We have to make a decision," Rick Spielman said. "I'm not going to announce anything, but that will get addressed here before free agency starts. The one thing I will say is, if we don't exercise that option, we will always keep the door open on all of our players. But in my mind, regardless if Adrian is here or not here next year -- because of whatever happens -- he will always be a Minnesota Viking. If he's fortunate enough to go in the Hall of Fame, and fortunate enough to go in the [Vikings] Ring of Honor, in my mind, he's a Minnesota Viking."