Josh McCown is no longer a member of the Cleveland Browns, but he still has an opinion about who will be their starting quarterback next season.

McCown believes that Jimmy Garoppolo, who has been linked to Cleveland in trade rumors, would be a nice fit.

"I've seen him on tape because we had a common opponent in Miami," McCown said. "He made some high-level throws and did some things that would get you excited about his ability to maybe carry a franchise. That's definitely on the tape."

McCown went further, offering some comparisons for the young New England Patriots quarterback.

"I saw some things in Derek Carr early on in the 2014 draft that reminded me of Aaron Rodgers and I thought 'this guy is going to be pretty good,'" McCown said. "I see the same things when I watch Jimmy: quick release, strong arm, athletic. I'm not saying he's Aaron Rodgers, but he's got some traits in the same mold, and he's got tremendous upside."