Drew Brees expects to remain in the NFL for several more seasons.

"When you first get into the league you think you're invincible, right? You think you're going to last forever. But I understand now, I'm just finishing my 16th season and I'm probably a little closer to the end than I am the beginning. So I just want to create a tremendous sense of urgency for every single year. I don't want to look any further past this year and what's right in front of us. Especially with what we've gone through over the last three years while watching other teams from the NFC South go to the Super Bowl.

"Carolina two years ago and Atlanta this year, that's good for those guys and their teams because they've earned it. But I'd like to see us back there and that's what I'm focused on."

Brees signed a two-year, $44.25 million deal with the New Orleans Saints in September of 2016, taking him through 2018.

New Orleans has not made the playoffs since 2013.