Josh Norman says Odell Beckham Jr. should have been ejected for the shots Beckham took at him.

Calling Beckham a "ballerina," Norman was particularly incensed that Beckham took a deliberate shot to his helmet in the second half. Norman said he hopes the league punishes Beckham.

"The guy ran 15 yards down the field, dead-on collision,'' Norman said after Carolina improved to 14-0 with a 38-35 victory. "The play was all the way to the left side. He came back and was hunting, and it was just, like, malicious in every way.

"I hope the league office gets a chance to review the film and see what they can do, because players like that don't deserve to be in the game,'' Norman said. "I mean, it's ridiculous."

They repeatedly got into it, shoving and wrestling with each other. Beckham was flagged for three unnecessary roughness penalties, twice on the same drive in the third quarter. Norman also drew an unnecessary roughness penalty on the same drive.