Even though talks between the Kansas City Chiefs and Alex Smith have progressed slowly, Andy Reid is confident that a deal will be reached.

"Well, there's open communication between both parties. Now, I'm not in that business anymore -- that's (general manager) John Dorsey's side of it -- but there's been open communication," Reid said.

"I've always believed that if there's open communication, then normally good things happen. So, I'm sure something will get done. I can't put a time frame on that, but I'm sure something will get done."

The San Francisco 49ers ultimately added five players to their roster in exchange for Alex Smith.

The Chiefs, meanwhile, drafted Aaron Murray.

Dorsey also told SiriusXM NFL Radio's Alex Marvez last week that Smith and the Chiefs were "going back and forth."

"Eventually, as (with) all negotiations, there will be a medium point where both sides agree. Time will move on and we'll go to the next project," Dorsey said. "This thing will go on for a little bit. There's a degree of patience here. There's no reason to rush."