Teddy Bridgewater is widely considered the best prospect at quarterback likely to be available in the 2014 NFL Draft.

"He's accurate, poised, smart, productive," said one AFC college scouting director. "The body type is the concern. You're gonna have to see him at the combine. He looks small and skinny to me. But he gets rid of the ball so quick and makes such good decisions, maybe you can live with that. If I had the first pick, I don't know that I'd see it, but if you're comfortable with his body, I can see where you would do it."

Another AFC college director called Bridgewater, "a second-rounder. Shorter and smallish in size, but he has solid arm strength, he's a good athlete, solid accuracy. Not dynamic or a special talent, but he has NFL starter-caliber skills, and he's a good kid with all the intangibles."