Julian Edelman caught his 70th ball of 2013 on Sunday, which triggered an incentive on his one-year contract that will pay him $250,000.

Edelman will make approximately $1 million this season, making him one of the NFL's best bargains.

"Minitron had a good game yesterday and he's been consistent and dependable, and you know, he's always had a great skill set, it's just been a matter of him getting the opportunity," Tom Brady said. "And then, staying on the field. There's been a few years where he hasn't been able to finish the season, but when he's been out there, he's been productive." 

"This year has been a good year for him, he's really taken to a leadership role, he's just done a great job really cementing his dependability," Brady continued. "Which is really what you're looking for on offense. He's become a real dependable player for us, and his ability to get open and catch the ball and do something with it, you especially see that on punt returns. But for a guy to get the ball in his hands and then make as many plays as he's making has been huge for our team."