When Terrelle Pryor was coming out of high school, he strongly considered committing to Oregon before eventually deciding upon Ohio State.

With Chip Kelly now head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Pryor appears to be the ideal quarterback for that offense.

"That offense is tailor-made for Terrelle," said Ray Reitz, who coached Pryor at Jeannette High School in western Pennsylvania. "He can run. He can throw. He's big and strong. He's the total package. I think he'd flourish in that offense."

"Chip was one of my favorites," Pryor said in a conference call. "I probably would have been with him if he was a little closer. It's pretty out there, Oregon was, and it wasn't a good distance for my family. That wasn't a good deal for me."

"There are two guys that I've had an opportunity to coach against - Cam Newton and Terrelle Pryor - that when you look at them, they kind of look like an NBA power forward, but they can run," said Pryor.